Installation of QuickAir ventilation unit


Thanks to its simple and decentralised installation, the QuickAir ventilation is ideally retrofitted in the renovation. A core hole with a diameter of at least 200 mm, as well as a cable slot for the connection lines are created as preparation. Then the wall duct is inserted with the gradient slopes to the exterior, cavities are filled with sealant. The plaster cover prevents contamination of the wall sleeve. QuickAir control can be installed in a device-double socket.
After completion of plastering and facades, the wall duct is trimmed flush with the room and facade side. Then, the outer wall panel is sealed circumferentially before mounting the wall panel and weather protection hood. After the inner wall panel has been mounted, the fan can be inserted and connected. In a last step, sound insulation mat and inner screen are mounted.

Installation at a glance


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